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Just started using JSON in iOS. I have a previous version of an application that uses SBJSON. I am rebuilding it from the ground up, and was wondering if I should continue to use SBJSON or apple's native JSON support?


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Why not use the builtin class? NSJSONSerialization works just fine, and you'll have one less dependency. – user529758 Jan 4 '13 at 15:28
ok, just checking, making sure that it isn't a disadvantage – William Falcon Jan 4 '13 at 15:30

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Some people have done some research on this and seems like NSJSONSerialization is more performant than SBJSON

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Not able to open this link. can you please tell me which is best in performance? – rk1234 Sep 3 at 5:59
The blog suggested that for typical use-cases, NSJSONSerialization is more performant than SBJSON – Anurag Kapur Sep 3 at 9:12

The only reason I see for staying with the SBJSON classes is iOS < 5.0 compatibility. If you plan on targeting iOS 5.0 and up, I'd go with the native NSJSONSerialization. Native is almost always the better option when developing for iOS, in my opinion.

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Note that SBJSON (and my modified version of KSJSON) supports custom object serialization, which not only makes it – of course – slower than NSJSONSerialization, but also might be exactly what you need.

NSJSONSerialization does not support object graphs with custom classes.

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