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i am trying to execute a js code on player play/pause. I have tried many solutions found on google but nothing worked. The site is http://www.ihousing.cz .

The code i tried:

var myFunc = function(){
  var VideoJS = this;
VideoJS.addEvent("play", myFunc);

is returning me TypeError: elem.addEventListener is not a function...

What am i missing here? Thank you for any help

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I didn't see this code in your web page. The CSS class nivo-slider is only on a a <div> and it doesn't have a data attribute. Your <video> tag has an ID of 'video-142-video', did you mean to target this and not ".nivo-slider"? –  Ed Bayiates Jan 4 '13 at 16:55

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Try setting up the event handler on the player's ready function.

var onPlay = function(){
  //do something on play

  var myPlayer = this;
  myPlayer.addEvent("play", onPlay);
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Ok, the problem was that i need to get a variable for the player, not just call VideoJS (it expects DOM object as the first param)... So right code should be:

var myPlayer = _V_("video-142-video");
var myFunc = function(){
  var myPlayer = this;
myPlayer.addEvent("play", myFunc);

Your code also works...

Thanks everyone involved :D

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