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I have an own class (ClassFoo) with a simple property (pName), and I could not set it, because I always get error ...

Class Modules - ClassFoo
Public pName as String

Public Property Let Name(Value as String)
   pName = Value
End Property
Somewhere else in the ModuleX
Dim Foo as ClassFoo
Foo.Name = "foo" <- throws error 
Foo.pName = "foo" <- throws error 


With Foo
.pName = "foo" <- throws error 
End With 

I changed the class 'Instancing' from 'Private' to 'PublicNotCreatable' (back and forth) But I still have the same error ...

Thanks for the replies in advance.


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You need to create an instance & assign it to Foo so;

Dim Foo as ClassFoo
Set Foo = new ClassFoo
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Thanks for you help! It works –  cscsaba Jan 4 '13 at 17:29

You need to instantiate it I believe try

 Dim foo as new ClassFoo
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Thanks for your help! –  cscsaba Jan 4 '13 at 17:29

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