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I want to implement a Webbrowser in my (2008)-project, however, I don't like the inbuilt IE.

I also remembered that is was kind of easy to implement a mozilla-tool like the gecko-webbrowser in the past...

It was kinf of more complicated than I remember, as I had to dwnload xulrunner and Skybound.Gecko.dll which both probably have to be included in any publishing of the finished project... I also defined x86 as target CPU and made all the needed steps to use a GeckoWebBrowser within my Application. I also called Skybound.Gecko.Xpcom.Initialize(My.Application.Info.DirectoryPath & "/xulrunner") before compiling it.

However, when I try GeckoWebBrowser1.navigate("http://...") (The element was inserted with this name per designer) the IDE tells me that an objectreference is not set to a objectinstance as if GeckoWebBrowser1 isn't defined yet... but the GeckoWebBrowser1.Created attribute is giving back true.

Does anybody know why it isn't working yet?

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I have the same error in my solution. Try to use GeckoFX assembly. I use 15 version dll and error fix.

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