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I'd like to access share-config-custom.xml data from a Java bean in the Share webapp.

What is the equivalent to the following javascript syntax (which access the config root object) but in a Java context:


Is the share-config-custom translated to a bean itself? Or is there an API to read it from Java?

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First, there is no "reasonable" way to use this API "looking" at one XML config file. In gen eral, the ConfigService creates a configuration merging from various sources. But looking directly at the XML should not be needed anyways.

That being said, the Javascript object config actually is a org.springframework.extensions.webscripts.ScriptConfigModel.

To get something equivalent in Java get yourself a reference to the ConfigService. To obtain the reference, let spring inject it in your custom bean:

<property name="configService" ref="web.config" /> 

Calling configService.getGlobalConfig() should get you the equivalent of config.scoped.

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Hi ... I want to update the existing config.. I mean that I need to reload the xml which is already there in config service.. is that possible this way? –  Giri Apr 15 at 5:52

I know this is already answered, but Andreas' answer only got me halfway there. The configuration class is actually the XMLConfigService now.

Here's a code snippet that worked with Enterprise 4.1.* Alfresco:

Java class

import org.springframework.extensions.config.xml.XMLConfigService;

public class PDFValidate extends BaseJavaDelegate implements ExecutionListener
    protected XMLConfigService configService;

    public void setConfigService( XMLConfigService scriptConfigModel )
        this.configService = scriptConfigModel;

Bean registration:

<bean id="AbstractWorkflowDelegate" parent="baseJavaDelegate" abstract="true" depends-on="activitiBeanRegistry" />

<bean id="PDFValidate" parent="AbstractWorkflowDelegate" class="com.epnet.alfresco.metadata.listener.PDFValidate">
    <property name="repository" ref="repositoryHelper" />
    <property name="configService" ref="web.config" />

And from there, you can use the configService in your java code to get the config values. The XMLConfigService is located in the spring-surf-core-configservice-1.2.0-SNAPSHOT.jar for my version of Alfresco.

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thanks... So now could you able to access this way ...config.scoped['RepositoryLibrary']['root-node'] –  Giri Apr 15 at 5:51

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