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I am using Google Analytics to detect the traffic on my web site but this tool doesn't detect crawler traffic.

Some years ago I used a PHP script to detect crawler traffic and to see what pages were visited by crawlers...but I don't remember what I used (it was many years ago and maybe today there are better scripts that do this)

Does anyone know a good php script that does the following:

  1. Detects the crawler traffic
  2. Detects what pages are visited by the crawler
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Your web-server always write a record in the log file for the every hit on your site
You can analyze these logs using User-agent field to tell the crawler.

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You may able to use the following code:

if ( ! function_exists('check_if_spider'))
    function check_if_spider()
        // Add as many spiders you want in this array
        $spiders = array('Googlebot', 'Yammybot', 'Openbot', 'Yahoo', 'Slurp', 'msnbot', 'ia_archiver', 'Lycos', 'Scooter', 'AltaVista', 'Teoma', 'Gigabot', 'Googlebot-Mobile');

        // Loop through each spider and check if it appears in
        // the User Agent
        foreach ($spiders as $spider)
            if (eregi($spider, $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT']))
                return TRUE;
        return FALSE;

The full article of this code is found at this link

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Firstly you should consider how you will distinguish crawlers from 'normal' users. The easiest way is to check the following parameters:

  • User agent ($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'])
  • IP address ($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'])

List of crawlers IP addresses and User-agents you can find online (for example: List of User-Agents)

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A good crawler database could be found here,

Because preg_match uses the the perl regex, it can easily be ported.

But if possible its always a better solution hava an ajax request on you page to mark a visitor as real user. Because robots can not handle javascript.

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A lot of bots can handle Javascript. And your link does not go to a web crawler database as described. – Jamie Carl Dec 17 '13 at 4:12

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