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I'm using a Railscasts based js code for adding a new Lesson to my page.

When testing with Rspec and Capybara, how do I select an Option from a dynamically generated select menu, with a unique ID based on time?

My thought, is to final all select menus, and grab the last one, but nothing is clicking with me.

Rspec code:

        click_link "Edit "
        click_link "Add Another Lesson" #this then uses JS to put another select menu on the screen.
        select("Lesson 2", from: "#{ideally it would find the last select tag here}") #this is what i don't know how to find.

I know there is all but not sure how to use Xpath to find the last select tag.

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2 Answers

Actions#select can find element only by name, id or label text. You don't have it so you should use Element#select_option. I don't know of any CSS or XPath selector that will select last element on entire page so I think you can use:

all('select').last.find(:option, 'Lesson 2').select_option

Finding all selects but using only the last one may look a bit ugly. It may be better to select it within another element:

find(some_selector).find('select').find(:option, 'Lesson 2').select_option
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Didn't work persey. Still in limbo this question sorry. –  pjammer Feb 16 '13 at 15:53
@pjammer Could you clarify why it doesn't work or you? –  Andrey Botalov Feb 16 '13 at 16:31
If i remember it wasn't actually picking the option in the generated selector. I'll be able to get into it later this week. thanks. –  pjammer Feb 18 '13 at 1:20
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Dude got me far, thanks @Andrey.

What worked for me was, for text_field inputs:

all(:css, '.hearter')[0].set "Just Awesome Man"

for select tags:

all(:css, '.js-select')[0].select("1") # "1" was my value

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