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I have recently finished my new one page portfolio website. I am having some trouble hiding the URL of the links. example: when you click 'My Work' link, it takes you to the div that is located for the 'My WorK' section of the website.

So currently it reads which looks quite messy.
(#title-wrapper is just the name of the div of the top of that section)

I know i could just change the div to so it would instead read but i still think it looks messy. I would just like the URL to read no matter what link you clicked on.

Thanks in advance

link to website

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not changing it is pretty lazy for a web developer! – matpol Jan 4 '13 at 17:26
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On line 101, you're setting the URL hash:

location.hash = target;

If you don't want the hash to show up, just remove this line.

Keep in mind that this would prevent deep linking.

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thank you that did the trick. I am not too worried about deep linking as it is quite a small site. But it is good information to have for future projects. thanks again – Tom Jan 5 '13 at 5:10

I suggest you leave the hashes (#), because user can easily get particular page by direct URL (for example What I Do =>

To get rid of hashes (#) you can change your menu's <A href's> to <A onclick's> respectively. Keep in mind that you should also provide 'onclick' event handler to navigate properly.

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jsFiddle DEMO (Remove /show/ to access jsFiddle Edit page.)

Your homepage can just display a iframe to your webpage.

Then, navigation at the URL Address Bar never changes.

In that jsFiddle, notice how the Address Bar is always the same.

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