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I have a Telerikmvc treeview refresh question. I need to refresh the treeview after updating a partial view.

My javascript function to refresh the grid is -

  var item = $("#TreeView").find(".t-input[name='itemValue'][value='" + Id + "']").closest("li");

I get "no element found" javascript error.

Menu View -

        .ClientEvents(events => events
    .BindTo(Model, mappings =>
        mappings.For<Model>(binding => binding
                .ItemDataBound((item, products) =>
                    item.Text = products.Name;
                    item.Value = products.Id.ToString();
                    item.ImageUrl = "~/Content/Images/project_icon.jpg";
                    item.LoadOnDemand = true;

Thanks in advance.

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I got it working.

I created a PartialView "Menu". Controller code to return the partial view is

   public ActionResult Index()
        return PartialView("Menu", GetAllProducts());

Jquery code to update a product and refresh the treeview -

    url: url, 
    type: 'POST',
    data: postData,
    success: function (data) {

         **Refresh the tree view**
         $.get('/Menu/Index').done(function (data) {

    error: function () {
        alert("Error updating for  Id : " + id);


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