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I have a spreadsheet with various columns. Column 1 is a telephone number, another is a text field. However the telephone number can be repeated but the information in other field is unique.

For example

Column 1    Column 2  
11111111    A  
11111111    B  
11111111    777  
22222222    B  
22222222    C  

Would like output to be:

Column 1    Column 2    Column 3    Column 4  
11111111     A           B           777  
22222222     B           C

Any ideas?

Any help is much appreaciated

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Can you reformat your post - I think the line breaks are missing for your table layout... Your <PRE> Table example with line breaks</PRE> for better layout. – Peter Albert Jan 4 '13 at 18:27

Spreadsheet layout:

B2:B7: Phone number
C2:C7: Text F1 and to the right: Helper row with incrementing entry numbers (1,2,...n) to keep formulae simpler.

E3: Unique phone number:
Array formula: press Shift-Ctrl-Enter in formula window to insert, curled brackets are inserted by Excel, not by a user. The formula can be copied down.

F3: Entries for the respective phone number:
One more array formula, copied down and to the right

No error handling included: it's possible, but the length of formulae will double.

Example spreadsheet:

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