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I have an SVN server configured with several repositories which were accessed via svnserve (protocol svn://). They all share the same passwd (and authz) files.

I've successfully configured DAV http (and https) access to the repository via apache. From the svn-book, authentication and authorization are configured via the files defined for AuthUserFile and AuthzSVNAccessFile.

This means, however, that you have to maintain two sets of authentication/authorization files, one for the svn:// protocol and the other for http://. Is it possible to use a single configuration for both protocols, so you don't risk having different rules/users/passwords configured?

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Short answer: No

Longer answer: at least user-files for svnserve and DAV are totally different (user = pass in plain text vs user:somehash), you can share Path-based authorization file

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Yes, the main complication arises precisely from the authentication files, as their format is slightly different (as you pointed out). I was just wondering how people managed this situation, as having two separate authorization files will inevitably lead to problems and inconsistencies. –  mmalmeida Jan 7 '13 at 8:51
@mmalmeida - one server-type, one source of trusted user-data (LDAP/AD/NIS) –  Lazy Badger Jan 7 '13 at 14:42

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