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I want to create different random values for each line in a table, i tried the following:

select t.col1, rnd() from t;

but rnd() just created 1 random value equal for every line. is it possible create n different values for n rows just with mysql?

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It works with rand(). It creates a new random number for every row in the table

select col1, rand()
from t

See SQL Fiddle

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It should create a new number for each line. Documentation is here:

Is it cast as an int or something? Also if you don't want a number from 0 to 1 then you'll need to do something like this instead:

select t.col1, FLOOR(7 + (RAND() * 5)) from t;
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The rnd() function is short for 'round,' it was simply rounding, in this case, nothing.

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