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Hello all tech saviors out there.

I am capturing serial data successfully using Minicom to a text file. The serial data comes from an automatic programmable controller serial port sent to an HP printer.

Unfortunately, Minicom ignores the PCL characters such as esc (ascii 27).


sent from serial port "(s16H00:01:41"

received in Minicom "16H00:01:41"

I am sure I am not getting the correct command line when opening Minicom.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for all the help so many have provided.

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Hello anyone that looks into this.

I found a different avenue that did exactly what I needed along with forwarding the serial data to a printer. In this case I used PYTHON.

There is a modified version of pyserial's serial_tcp_redirect.py available online. This version allows the user to set up a remote host that can accept the serial data via Ethernet.In this case a printer using port 9100 raw telnet.

I was able to add the file.write option to append the serial data to a file with all PCL characters.

I added these lines:

        logfile = open("/home/testwrite.txt","a")
        print "%r" %data  #original part of program 
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