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I've got a combobox that is binded with my grouped collectionview

        <CollectionViewSource x:Key="ContactsView"  Source="{Binding ContactsCollection }" Filter="Filter" >
            <dat:PropertyGroupDescription PropertyName="Contact_grname" />

in code:

ICollectionView contactsView = CollectionViewSource.GetDefaultView(dataGrid1.ItemsSource);
cmbGroup.ItemsSource = contactsView.Groups;

The group items are correctly added in my combobox, but when I select an item in my combobox, howto filter my datagrid with that selected group ?

I searched on the internet but nothing usefull found :/

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I dont know if I understood your problem correctly , but you can try the following

contactsview.Filter = new Predicate<object>(FilterFunction);

public bool FilterFunction(Object item)
     MyObject eachItem = item as MyObject;

    // return true if eachItem satisfies some criteria else false
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