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Im making this template for quting politics. And I want the input text to scroll up based on the number of lines (or stay still if there is less than 8 lines). I type the number of lines in slider controll and I want the rest to be automate. This is what I came up with:

lines = thisComp.layer("###########").effect("lines")("Slider"); // lines count
snimek1 = 1; // 1st keyframe
snimek2 = 2; // 2nd keyframe
p = transform.yPosition;
p2 = p.key(snimek2);
t1 = p.key(snimek1).time;
t2 = t1 + lines;

if (lines<8)
  p2 = 0
  p2 = lines*-24.5 //desired final y position value

if (time < t1)
  t = time
else if (time < t2)
  t = linear(time,t1,t2,t1,p.key(snimek2).time)
  t = p.key(snimek2).time + (time - t2);

I managed to change the time of 2nd keyframe. But now Im strugling with the 2nd paragraph thats ment to change its yPos value. Anyone knows what am I doing wrong? (its changing the value, but not as I'd wish to (it changes the 1st keyframe thats ment to remain 0 and it changes the 2nd too, but to some value I dont want..

Here is the situationenter image description here

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