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I have two different environments running off of the same git repository. it looks like in the AWS console tools for git and elastic beanstalk, I can only connect one environment at a time, is there anyway to have it push to both of my environments at the same time?

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The latest version allows you to map different branches to different repositories, see Announcement: Deploy Git Branches to Multiple Elastic Beanstalk Environments:

Starting today, you can use eb and Git to deploy branches to multiple Elastic Beanstalk environments. You can also manage and configure multiple Elastic Beanstalk environments using eb. For example, you can configure eb and Git to deploy your development branch to your staging environment and deploy your release branch to your production environment. [...]

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@Steffen Opel, hey, thanks for the edit –  aldrinleal Jan 5 '13 at 16:26

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