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I'm using the following code in my bootstrap.php (as explained here) to load models also from another folder:

App::build(array('Model' => array('/my/path/to/models')));

This seems to work. I have a model MyModel inside that folder, which I include in the controller I want to use it like usually:

var $uses = array('MyModel');

If I print App::objects('Model'), the model MyModel is shown in the list, so I assume it's loaded correctly. However, when I try to use the model (i.e. $this->MyModel->find() it never finds anything, it always returns an empty array.

Note that if I put the same exact model (MyModel) in the typical models folder (app/Model/) then it all works fine.

What am I missing to make this work?


Ok, so it seems that the problem is in the connection to the database when the model is placed in that folder outside app. With the code shown above, Cake finds the model. However, when I do a find(), I get a missing table error for the datasource (default in this case).

Is it possible that the model isn't loading the correct database configuration because that configuration is inside the app/Config folder? How can I make that model load that configuration? If I have to put that configuration somewehre else (maybe in the same outside folder?) I can do that, but how do I tell the model to find it?


I can see better what the problem is now. If I put a model in a different folder (other than app/Model) and use App::build() to set the path of that new folder, Cake finds it, there's no doubt (I use App::objects('Model') and the model is listed with all the other models from app/Model).

However, it's like Cake is not actually reading what's inside that model class, or at least not everything. It seems to read the $useDbConfig variable, but it ignores $useTable and any function I have defined in that model. Example of my model:

class Usuario extends AppModel {

var $name = 'Usuario';
var $primaryKey = 'id_usuario'; 
var $useDbConfig = 'BD_ControlAcceso';

function createTempPassword($len) {

    //some code

If I do a $this->Usuario->find('all'), it returns all the records correctly. However, if I call $this->Usuario->createTempPassword(7) I get a Database Error.

I have another model (MyModel) in that same folder with a $useTable = 'mytable'. If I don a find() on it, I get an error saying that mytable table could not be found. However, if I do $this->MyModel->useTable = 'mytable' then it works fine.

How is this possible? What's going on here?


I just want to add that I've done extensive testing and the issue is clear: Cake "knows" that the model is in the external folder (confirmed by printing App::objects('Model'), the model is listed there, and if I remove it from that folder then it's not listed). But even though it knows it's there, it ignores whatever is inside the model file. I've tried all the methods below to load the model but none of them worked. Is this a bug in CakePHP? If not, what am I doing wrong?

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Shouldn't you use App::uses('MyModel', 'Model');? – pbond Jan 4 '13 at 18:37
where exactly? I tried putting it on top of the controller page, but nothing... – Albert Jan 4 '13 at 20:50

You should use App::uses('MyModel', 'Model') and is should go before the class declaration like so:


App::uses('MyModel', 'Model');
class UsersController extends AppController {
 // controller class

Another thing to try is loading the model where you need it:


The other thing you can try is the Model instantiation in the top of your model class. Try updating your model to:

class Usuario extends AppModel {

var $name = 'Usuario';
var $primaryKey = 'id_usuario'; 
var $useDbConfig = 'BD_ControlAcceso';

function createTempPassword($len) {

    //some code
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thank you for your reply, I'll give this a try. One question though, should I also put the App::build(array('Model' => array('/my/path/to/models'))); in the bootstrap? – Albert Jan 16 '13 at 15:59
If your model is in your App/Model folder, no. Cake will already be able to find it. If you are putting it somewhere other than the App/Model folder then yes. Cake still needs to know where to find the model if it not already in the model folder. – Chuck Burgess Jan 16 '13 at 16:01
this is making me go crazy... So now it seems that it was actually loading the model from the external "Model" folder... so to do a test, I removed the Usuario model from both "Model" folders (the one in the "app/Model" folder and the one in the external "Model" folder). Well, even without that model, the login function it's still working and finding a user!!! How is that possible? It can't be because it's using the default database configuration, since this Usuario model uses a different database. So how in the world is Cake using this model if I don't have it there??? – Albert Jan 21 '13 at 20:36
Cache? You may want to delete all of your cache files (look in the app/tmp folder for the cache) and see if it still works. My bet is no. – Chuck Burgess Jan 21 '13 at 20:39
the app/tmp/cache folder has 3 subfolders (model, persistent and views) and they're all empty. I also have Configure::write('Cache.disable', true); in the core.php config file while in development, so I guess that's the reason they're empty... – Albert Jan 21 '13 at 20:50

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