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i would like make to copy files from the source directory into a target directory. and i would like to avoid copying unchanged files. therefore, im trying to utilize make function of checking for newer files with a %.:%. rule.

now, in this instance. the source and target EXTENSION are the same. There are object files elsewhere but not for the graphical assets.

i use make to copy images.

TARGET := target

SOURCE := source
GRAPHICS := $(foreach dir,$(SOURCE), $(wildcard $(dir)/*.jpg ) $(wildcard $(dir)/**/*.jpg ) $(wildcard $(dir)/*.png ) $(wildcard $(dir)/**/*.png ) $(wildcard $(dir)/*.gif ) $(wildcard $(dir)/**/*.gif )  )

JPG = $(GRAPHICS:.jpg=.tmp)
PNG = $(GRAPHICS:.png=.tmp)
GIF = $(GRAPHICS:.gif=.tmp)

And then use the following rule to copy files into target directory

    find $< | cpio -p -d -v $(TARGET)

TWO QUESTIONS: --- is it possible to string replace the TARGET directory here -- and thereby use the make newer capability.

JPG = $(GRAPHICS:$(TARGET).jpg=.tmp)

but that fails with No rule to make target. ??Is it only possible to compare source and object in the same directory!

--- Can one make a rule such that the source and object are the same extension


The closest i can come up with is -- but that never runs. even after a clean.


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This question is unclear. Could you give an example of a path you expect in GRAPHICS, and what you want in JPG? And what is the purpose of the %.jpg: %.jpg rule? –  Beta Jan 4 '13 at 19:50
see changes. thanks –  Gabe Rainbow Jan 4 '13 at 20:01

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Here is the solution.

This 'setup' remains the same.

TARGET := target

SOURCE := source GRAPHICS := $(foreach dir,$(SOURCE), $(wildcard $(dir)/*.jpg ) 
$(wildcard $(dir)/**/*.jpg ) $(wildcard $(dir)/*.png ) $(wildcard $(dir)/**/*.png ) 
$(wildcard $(dir)/*.gif ) $(wildcard $(dir)/**/*.gif )  )

Now add a prefix to ALL (space separated) values in the $GRAPHICS string

TARGET_GRAPHICS := $(addprefix $(TARGET)/, $(GRAPHICS) )
  • Note that patsubst aka -- TARGET_GRAPHICS := $(patsubst %, $(TARGET)/%, $(GRAPHICS) ) -- only worked for the first entry. Perhaps I was doing it incorrectly.

Provide a pattern match for each file type. Here do whatever you wish. In my case, copy the input into the target directory. cpio will make the needed directories. cp -p might also work as needed.

$(TARGET)/%.jpg : %.jpg 
     @echo "--- .jpg copying " $< " to " $@ " into dir " $(<D)
     @find $< | cpio -p -d -v $(TARGET)

$(TARGET)/%.png : %.png 
    @echo "--- .png copying " $< " to " $@
    @find $< | cpio -p -d -v $(TARGET)

$(TARGET)/%.gif : %.gif
@echo "--- .gif Copying " $< " to " $@
@find $< | cpio -p -d -v $(TARGET)
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and of course not to forget the build $(TARGET_GRAPHICS) –  Gabe Rainbow Jan 5 '13 at 22:56

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