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I was using a char vector type in opencl (v1.1) and was searching for the vector.lo and vector.hi extensions, but could only access the cl_char array s. Searching through the opencl header files I found the following listing, which suggests that those extensions are available for GNUC and "strict ansi".

/* Define cl_vector types in cl_platform.h */
/* ---- cl_charn ---- */
typedef union
  cl_char  CL_ALIGNED(2) s[2];
#if defined( __GNUC__) && ! defined( __STRICT_ANSI__ )
  __extension__ struct{ cl_char  x, y; };
  __extension__ struct{ cl_char  s0, s1; };
  __extension__ struct{ cl_char  lo, hi; };
#if defined( __CL_CHAR2__) 
  __cl_char2     v2; 

// other vector type definitions follow...

Is this correct? How can I resolve this?

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This "reduced functionality" is caused by a bug. The details can be found at Khronos Public Bugzilla (Bug 413)

Some "sloppy" workaround is described at Bug 413 - Workaround. Note this is limited to ms compiler.

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