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I am learning couchdb, so I have a very basic questions. Suppose I have a couch database called email where documents look like:

  "_id": "fe7759fdf36t",
  "status": "sent",
  "sent_at": 1357151443,

  "_id": "ewrwe4a38d2353",
  "status": "failed",
  "sent_at": 2347151421,

  "_id": "f4559fjffd2353",
  "status": "sent",
  "sent_at": 11715154,

I want to create two views

1) Retrieve all documents where status = sent
2) Retrieve all documents where status = failed and sent_at > 11715157
3) Retrieve all documents sorted by sent_at descending/ascending and status = sent

For (1), I wrote,

    "_id": "_design/sentdoc",
    "_rev": "2-dd88de7196c06eed41d2d83a958f0388",
    "views": {
        "query": {
            "map": "function(doc) { if(doc.status == 'sent') {emit(doc_id, doc);} }"

I guess I am doing something wrong there, so it is not working. Can anyone suggest how to write all these three views?

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How do you know it doesn't work? – Aurélien Jan 5 '13 at 9:45

Create a view like this

  emit([doc.status, doc.sent_at], doc); 

Query #1

Try these params in your curl statement (or Ruby library or whatever)

startkey = ["sent"]
endkey = ["sent",{}]

Query #2

startkey = ["failed", 11715157]
endkey = ["failed", {}]

Query #3

startkey = ["sent"]
endkey = ["sent", {}]
descending = true

I've not tested this, but should point you in the right direction.

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Good answer, I edited Query #3 to fix an issue with the endkey. To make the examples clear, the actual requests to the view should look something like: localhost:5984/database/_design/sentdoc/_view/… – natevw Jan 16 '13 at 18:36

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