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I have an array in javascript and a variable as follows:

var numArr = ["one", "two", "three"];
var searchNum = "four";

I want to search "four" in numArr and if not present then execute some statements... as in

if (searchNum not in numArr)
    // do this

Does javascript have any function which could search in any array and return true or false without me writing a whole lot of search code.

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Use indexOf:

if ( numArr.indexOf(searchNum) > -1 ) {

} else {}

The method will return -1 if it fails to find searchNum. Otherwise it will return the index at which it found it.

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You can also use:

var result = [];
        var n = listdata.names[i].toLocaleLowerCase();
        var s = x('input').value.toLocaleLowerCase();
        if(n.indexOf(s) != -1){result.push(listdata.names[i]);}

This way we can output an result from an input value and existing array of values.

Little typicall to understand but..... :)

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