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I have wsdl URL. But testing it by code is a big ask. So found SoapUI and thought it could mock up data for calling it easily and find the right set of parameters. I saved the wsdl url output from browser to a file.wsdl and loaded into SoapUI, but getting an error that xsd file is missing. But how to find out the xsd files ? Is there a way to extract xsd files from http url and place it in same folder as the wsdl. ?

I have not worked with web services before and any help is appreciated.

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To strictly deal with your ask which is to capture XSD content in the same folder...

In theory, the ask involves two major steps:

  • Files download by recursively following all external references (wsdl:import and/or xsd:include/xsd:import statements).
  • Fix all references between files, IF the original files were not all in the same folder.

If you have the .NET platform, you could use disco.exe. It automates the download but it doesn't fix the references between XSD files.

When I have to do it, I use QTAssistant (I am associated with it). There's a utility in the Tools tab, under the WSDL group.

enter image description here

Fill in the prompt as needed, then press Load. Whatever files are found, will be listed in the External... list.

enter image description here

When files and paths match whatever expectations you may have, press OK and you're done.

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disco.exe Worked ! Are there any good sources in understanding all these soap,xsd, wsdl process from a practical viewpoint and in-depth explanations? Have read in many websites, but they are not very deep. Thought asking someone who work on it can provide better sources. Thanks! –  Dexters Jan 7 '13 at 14:52

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