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Today I tried to install Prestashop (I tried it before) But it wouldn't work. Here is how I did (Image gallery): http://goo.gl/hiqE3 I don't really know what went wrong, and I tried at least 6 times to download all files, delete all files from server, delete the database, re-upload the files and try again. But it didn't work At the last part it says "Populate database tables"

I can see there is a lot of people on the internet (like http://goo.gl/AiI0P) that have the same problem, but all the guides didn't really work for me (I may do it wrong).

But I found the sollution

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I could just open firefox and do exactly the same as I did in Chrome. And then it worked. Pretty weird, but true

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I've just installed prestashop version onto my VPS. Running debian 7.

I had used the process as described in the documentation, download, unzip and then copy over to the server.

During instal I had the exact same error you where getting. My solution involved copying the zip file to the server, rather than the collection of unzipped files.

I guess that during copying the files an error had caused a corruption of a file. anyway, after this the install ran perfectly.


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cd to presta installation directory. cd to log folder. in this folder there are log files like 20150102_installation.log. read the content of file to get more wise of error cause.

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