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The static initialization block in the non-public class Out doesn't run, yet the static initialization block in the static nested class snOut runs. How and why is this possible?

public class staticNested {

        System.out.println("In staticNested");

    static class sn{

            System.out.println("sn in staticNested");

        void p(){
            System.out.println("In static nested class method p");

    public static void main(String [] args){
        sn n = new sn();

        Out.snOut no = new Out.snOut();

 class Out{

         System.out.println("In Out"); //Skips this
         System.out.println("Here");  //Skips this

     static class snOut{

         static {
             System.out.println("In snOut in Out");

            private int x;

            void p(){
                System.out.println("In snOut in outside Class out: " + x);


This is the output:

In staticNested
sn in staticNested
In static nested class method p
In snOut in Out
In snOut in outside Class out: 0
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I don't think class Out is ever loaded. It loads when you access its static field or static method, or make an instance. </ my beginner knowledge> – jsn Jan 4 '13 at 19:53
Ah. I see. Making a new instance in the main method makes the block run. Thanks – Mob Jan 4 '13 at 19:57
The difference why Out doesn't load and staticNested does is because the main is in staticNested, it kind of auto-loads as you would expect. – jsn Jan 4 '13 at 20:01
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As per JLS 8.1.3

An instance of an inner class I whose declaration occurs in a static context has no lexically enclosing instances.

In your code you are trying to access class sn which is static, so it will not have any enclosing classes as per specification. That is why static block of enclosing classes are not executing.

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Actually in your code you did not use class Out by it self. This is a cause, why Java didn't initialized it and didn't call its static section.

UPD.: Explanation. Your code leads to initialization of class Out.snOut, but this is not cause for initialization class Out.

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Your inner classes are static. This means they are just like outer classes, and an object of their type can initialize without the need of parent object. So here parent objects are never initialized and their static initializing blocks not executed.

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