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I'm working to create a rake task to remove a few tables and triggers.

My rake task:

task :remove_rubyrep do
  sql = <<-SQL
    DROP TABLE rr_logged_events, rr_running_flags, rr_pending_changes;

I tried running this like so:

rake remove_rubyrep
RAILS_ENV=development rake remove_rubyrep

Problem is the rake tasks errors with:

rake aborted!

Any suggestions on how to allow the rake task to connect to the DB to execute the raw sql? Thanks

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You're not loading the rails application in your rake task, so ActiveRecord never creates a database connection.

Change your rake task to:

task :remove_rubyrep => :environment do

After doing that, you'll no longer need the "establish_connection" line

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pure genius, thank you – AnApprentice Jan 4 '13 at 20:00

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