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I'm writing a report in SSRS 2008 R2, and I have a field that sometimes contains no value, ie. NULL. I just want to display the value, and for populated entries, this is fine. The problem is, I can't get rid of the #Error in my report if it's a null entry!

I've tried handling the field with multiple expressions, and none of them work.

I've tried


but it returns false, meaning that SSRS doesn't think the field is missing. The value itself


gives an #Error. I've tried

=iif(IsError(Fields!Example.Value), 0, Fields!Example.Value)
=iif(Fields!Example.Value is nothing, 0, Fields!Example.Value)

all of which still give me #Error! Also, if I do this:


it returns false, so it doesn't think it's nothing. Frustrating! Any suggestions on what else I should try?

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Ah thanks! I feel like an idiot... I've been doing Cdbl on the values, and removing the convert fixed it. Thanks – kbye Jan 4 '13 at 21:23
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If =Fields!Example.Value gives you an error then you are encountering a deeper problem.

Normally SSRS will treat a true null similar to an empty string, and will produce a blank cell. Sounds like you have some sort of formula processing this that is actually generating the #error/exception.

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