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I'm now trying to print via GDI Print API, and it looks like this:

foreach page in page_buf
    /* write the page to printer DC */

The Problem:
During printing there would be a notification area icon, and by clicking on it there would be a small window showing current printing jobs on a specified printer.
By right-clicking on a printing job and choosing Cancel, a printing job shall be cancelled. But my application continues sending data to the printer DC until all pages are processed, and the status keeps showing Deleting - Spooling before it finishes.
What I want is to stop the printing procedure right after choosing to cancel it.

What I've tried:
1. First I thought the device content would get invalid after cancelling the job (that's of course not true), and tried to examine the return values of StartPage and EndPage. Then I found they both don't fail after the cancellation of printing job.
2. I've also tried SetAbortProc and DocumentEvent, and found they're not what I want.

But I suppose there shall be some mechanism to indicate my application when the printing job is cancelled. It would be appreciated if someone tries to help.

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The only way to do what you want is to query the print job using the GetJob function and terminate your loop. The logic you want looks like this:

JOB_INFO_1 ji;
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Yes that's what I want. Thank you for your help. :) –  starrify Jan 5 '13 at 10:32

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