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The Docs show this


for getting all of your artifacts as a zip file, but that isn't using the REST API. Is there a way in the REST API do do the same thing? The Docs seem to indicate that the repository links are only there for backwards compatibility.

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From the documentation:

GET <TeamcityUrl>/httpAuth/app/rest/builds/<buildLocator>/artifacts/files/<artifact relative name>

If you download the artifacts from within a TeamCity build, consider using teamcity.auth.userId/teamcity.auth.password system properties as credentials for the download artifacts request: this way TeamCity will have a way to record that one build used artifacts of another and will display that on build's Dependencies tab.

have you tried this?

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yes. this gets individual build items 1 by 1. I can use the old "downloadAll" link in my question to get a single ZIP of the entire set of artifcats. I was looking for the REST API to do the same thing. –  Jeff Martin Jan 8 '13 at 15:26

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