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I am trying to come up with a way to import our current large application into a UML diagram for LucidCharts. LucidCharts supports a vdx XML format from visio. I'm just mainly trying to find a way to do this easily instead of typing each class name and method into LucidCharts. Linking and call chain linking I don't care about as much as I can do that myself.

Are there any easy solutions, or something I can do to read the meta data and make a vdx complaint file?

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If this wasn't a real question, why was ElYusubov able to get close to an answer. – Josh Jan 4 '13 at 21:26
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Actually, there are several open source & commercial tools that will create UML diagram from the C# project and visa-verse. As example, i will try to list three of them:

Option #1: Try to use the Modelmaker. It can work with both Delphi and C#. I should add that it does more than just diagrams, it can be used for reverse engineering, refactoring and the like. It's been going for a while now and has many great features.

Option #2: You may also try NDepend tool for .NET developers. It comes with both a dependency graph and a dependency matrix and integrates in VS. The graph and matrix can be generated from .NET assemblies and they are interactive. You can download and use the free trial edition for a while and make your own opinion.

Option #3: The Guys at have also done some work on this. Here is the Open Source Link to the project. It is also very impressive.

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