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Currently i use this to compile it to a file:

task 'CurrentVillage', 'Build Current Vilage', ->
  remaining = appFiles.length
  appContents = new Array remaining  
  for file, index in appFiles then do (file, index) ->
    fs.readFile "media/coffee/#{file}.coffee", 'utf8', (err, fileContents) ->
      throw err if err
      appContents[index] = fileContents
      process() if --remaining is 0
  process = ->
    fs.writeFile 'media/coffee/frontend/VillageCanvas.coffee', appContents.join('\n\n'), 'utf8', (err) ->
      throw err if err

I dont get it to compile it directly to javascript :S

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You need to define your tasks in a Cakefile, then invoke that Cakefile. Run cake build in your terminal from the directory where your coffeescript files reside, after putting a Cakefile in the same directory. Here's a simple template for a Cakefile. It already has the build function written in as described below: http://twilson63.github.com/cakefile-template/

build = (watch, callback) ->
  if typeof watch is 'function'
    callback = watch
    watch = false

  options = ['-c', '-b', '-o', 'lib', 'src']
  options.unshift '-w' if watch
  launch 'coffee', options, callback
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The problem this compiles only files in src. i want to compile the combined code. i do not want to save the combined coffee file. –  Kani Jan 4 '13 at 21:54
Put the Cakefile the the root of your directory then and run cake build from there. –  Connor Black Jan 4 '13 at 21:55

what connor said (got an upvote from me).

as an alternative you could use grunt.js with thegrunt-coffee plugin if you want to use the "atthemomentstandardjavascriptbuildtool" ;-)

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