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Need some help with Python syntax

Pesudo code

if param is not None in params, param replace('xx', 'x')

I get this far:

param.replace('|', '/') for param in ("bar|one","bar|two")

My question is how to add a None check in this line of code?

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[ param.replace("|", "/") if param is not None else None for param in iterable ]

Or maybe a tiny bit more legible if we switch the logic around just a bit:

[ None if param is None else param.replace("|", "/") for param in iterable ]

I like the second version a little better because if breaks up the None else None nonsense that was present in the first one...

This differs slightly from the (initial) answer by @Tim Pietzcker. His (initial) answer will filter None values out of the input iterable whereas this answer will pass them through.

Here we use the python conditional expression (which is sometimes known as the "ternary operator" in other languages). The syntax is:

value_if_true if conditional_expression else value_if_false
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+1 for preserving the None entries, as opposed to removing them as in the other answer. – glglgl Jan 4 '13 at 21:23
Ah, I was editing my answer to take that into account while you were writing yours :) – Tim Pietzcker Jan 4 '13 at 21:25
[param.replace('|', '/') for param in params if param is not None]

This will silently remove all None params from your input list, so

("bar|one", None, "bar|two")

would become


If you don't want that, use

[param.replace('|', '/') if param is not None else None for param in params]
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It depends...

Do you want to want to retain the None elements? If so:

[(each.replace('|', '/') if each is not None else None) for each in listOfWords]

If you want to filter the Nones out, then you can do:

[each.replace('|', '/') for each in listOfWords if each is not None]
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