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I am new to XLL development. I downloaded 2010 XLL SDK and was able to build the example in VisualC++ 2012. When I load the xll in Excel2010, I am seeing the popup with "thank you ..." message and I am seeing all the functions exported from the example in Excel, so it seems everything is loaded successfully.

But, the xlcalert does not work in most of the functions. I am only seeing popup dialog from xlcalert in xlAutoAdd and xlAutoRemove. I even modified EvaluateExample() function to just do:

Excel12f(xlcAlert, 0, 2, TempStr12(L"Finished EvaluateExample"), TempInt12(2));

When I run the function, I don't see popup. What am I missing? I can't seem to find much references to xlcalert.

Thanks in advance

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If you are new to XLL development, do yourself a favor and use http://xll.codeplex.com.

Your example would be ExcelX(xlcAlert, OPERX(_T("Finished EvaluateExample")), OPERX(12))

The code will work with either the old or new SDK.

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