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I have a MonoMac project and I need a Stream reference to an item I have set as a BundleResource (an image).

I have an image in my project whose build action I've set to BundleResource (I'm assuming this is the Visual Studio equivalent of setting an item's build action to Resource. Now, in my code, I want to open a stream to this resource so that my application can use it. In WPF this would be done by:


However, I cannot find any documentation on MonoMac on what the equivalent would be. If I even find a way to get the data for file, that should be okay as I would just wrap that in a MemoryStream and then some point down the line hope that NSImage.FromStream() works.

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You can use NSBundle.MainBundle.PathForResource method to get the path to the resource. You can access the resource using that path.

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Isn't the path going to be from within the bundle, though? Will the standard FileStream constructor work for that? – sohum Jan 8 '13 at 22:09
@sohum: The bundle is an ordinary folder on the disk so it should work fine. – Giorgi Jan 9 '13 at 7:16

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