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net 2.0 and need to split the last / mark of the string. Currently I have a code that says Dim test As String = "Software\Microsoft\Windows\Welcome" and need a code that will split that Software\Microsoft\Windows\Welcome into two separate section at the end So I'll have Software\Microsoft\Windows and Welcome as new strings. I can only find things that will split the beginning from the rest like

Dim whole As String = "Software/Microsoft/Windows/Run"
Dim firstpart As String = whole.Substring(0, whole.IndexOf("/"))
Dim lastpart As String = whole.Substring(whole.IndexOf("/") + 1)`
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Use String.LastIndexOf()

Dim whole As String = "Software/Microsoft/Windows/Run"
Dim firstpart As String = whole.Substring(0, whole.LastIndexOf("/"))
Dim lastpart As String = whole.Substring(whole.LastIndexOf("/") + 1)
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+1. This is the shortest way to do it. –  Neolisk Jan 5 '13 at 0:16
Thanks for the answer –  Timothy Staudt Jan 5 '13 at 19:30

Try splitting with '\' As your delimeter and store it as a string array. Then just grab the last element and it should be "Welcome".

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