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Will the .m2 folder be created automatically by Maven, or do you need to create it manually?

What does the .m2/repository, contain and from where does it come?

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Might have been quicker to find out by installing Maven and running something simple. – Dave Newton Jan 4 '13 at 22:23

First, it will be created by Maven when you execute a build, such as:

mvn clean install

Note, you could find this out just be executing mvn your self ;)

Second, the contents of .m2 are:

A settings.xml file that contains global settings for all maven executions.

A folder called repository that holds all of the local copies of various maven artifacts, either caches of artifacts pulled down from remote repositories, such as Maven Central, or artifacts built by your local maven builds. The artifacts are organized in there in folder structures that mirror the groupId's of the artifacts.

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actually u just create a maven project it will try to create a ~/.m2/ +1 for u – Jianhong Jul 30 '14 at 8:46

It will be created automatically. The repository folder (also called local repository) will download its content from repositories specified in your user's settings.xml, the global settings.xml and possibly in your poms.

Most artifacts will be downloaded from repo1.maven.org.

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