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I have the following code that I use in my search forms. I want to be able to chain the scoped method with the by_title, but I fail to see how. I want to have the by_title as a method instead of just doing:

# Arel helpers
  class << self
    def by_city(city)
      where(['city_id = ?', city])
    def by_title(title)
      where('title LIKE ?', "%#{title}%")

  def self.search(search_params)
    experiences = scoped
    experiences.self.by_title(search_params[:title]) if search_params[:title]
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Why don't you play with scopes this way:

scope :by_title, lambda { |title| where('title LIKE ?', "%#{title}%") }
scope :by_city,  lambda { |city|  where('city_id = ?', city) }
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Scopes and class methods are the same. My problem is different. –  Hommer Smith Jan 4 '13 at 22:43
Sorry, it's true; i think @Robin's answer is the good one. But, in any case, named_scopes looks better :) –  gradenauer Jan 5 '13 at 10:57

By just removing self it should work I think:

experiences = scoped
experiences.by_title(search_params[:title]) if search_params[:title]

The scoped method returns an anonymous scope which can be chained with other scopes/class-methods.

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