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I'm reasonably competent in perl regex substitutions, but I'm getting kind of rusty and this is something I don't usually do. It's to escape an & character for XML but prevent replacing &'s in already-escaped characters. It seems to work fine except it deletes or replaces the character to the right of it. What am I missing?

$str =~ s/&[^amp;|lt;|gt;|quot;|#39;]/&/g;
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You are mistaking the negated character class for negative look-ahead.

Your regex really means:

/&[^#39aglmopqtu;|]/ # mixed a few letters and removed duplicates

but you meant:


The square bracktes denote character classes, not grouping!

If you really want to avoid matching XML entities, you should rather use a regex like

m{& (?! (?:
  |(?:[lg]t|amp|apos|quot) # predefined XML entities
); )}x

(compare the XML spec) and somehow add all entities that are declared by your document, or a referenced DTD.

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Hmm...I have some catching up to do! Both the solutions work. Thanks everyone! –  ThorInSuburbia Jan 4 '13 at 23:05

It seems that you need zero-width negative look-ahead. Something like

$str =~ s/&(?!amp;|lt;|gt;|quot;|#39;)/&/g;
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Excellent! thanks! –  ThorInSuburbia Jan 4 '13 at 23:06

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