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What I need to do is this (either in an action or a service):

someAction() {
    // connect to database
    def otherDatasource = new Datasource(otherOptions)

    if (otherDatasource.isOnline()) {
        def list = ExclusiveDomainFromOtherDatasource.list()

        // do stuff with the data...


I'm not using datasources plugin because the other database may be offline and the app connects during first-run, or maybe I'm forgetting something.

I know I could use some basic jdbc library and make a raw sql for getting the data, but that isn't very groovish, is this the only way? or is there a plugin that allow me to do that?

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Unless you're using some sort of custom DataSource, there is no isOnline() method, so you might as well just use the DataSources plugin.

Actually, newer versions of grails have multiple-datasource support built-in, so you don't need the plugin.

I think that you're just going to have to try to get a connection from the DataSource, and be prepared to catch and handle the exception that you'll get if the database is offline.

A well-configured database conneciton pool should allow you to start connecting successfully once the database comes online.

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Thanks so much, I think I'll go that way – nardhar Jan 7 '13 at 14:21

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