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I want to insert UserProfile.nickname as text annotation into convert option.
This is what I have now. How can I fix this?


before_save :text_to_insert

def text_to_insert
    nickname = self.nickname 

has_attached_file :user_avatar,
    :styles => {
    :thumb=> "100x100>",
    :small  => "400x400>" }, 
     :convert_options => {
      :small => lambda {|a| %Q{ -gravity south  -pointsize 25 -fill black -annotate +0+0 "#{nickname}" -fill white -annotate +2+2 "#{nickname} "} } }
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Try #{:nickname} or maybe #{self.nickname} instead.

I'm with same problem. Usually they recomend you to create a custom paperclip processor to do it, but years ago i done something like that in a way which remembers the one o mentioned in your question, but i dont remember exactly how.

If you accomplished, please post your solution here and Let me know if works ;)

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