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I have a PHP page that is returning a JSON object like this:

  echo <<<HERE_DOC
      [ {content: '{row2[contentFull]}', bigimages: '{$row3['catalogFileID']}'}]

In my main page I have the following jQuery code:

    var options = '';

                   ajax:isAjax}, function(j)
       for (var i = 0; i < j.length; i++) 
          options = j[i].topImage;
          document.getElementById('content1').value = j[i].bigimages;

So basically in my main page, I have a drop down. When an option is selected, it fires off an Ajax request back to the server. I get the data in JSON format and then a textarea, with ID 'content1', is updated based on that JSON object.

The JSON object looks like this:

     content: '<SPAN STYLE= "" >&quot;
     this is some text&quot; 
     blah blah, &quot;
     some more `text&quot;  
     now some linebreaks; 
     <BR><BR>some more text and then another` linebreak.`<BR>`</SPAN>',
     bigimages: 'cfil1069'

But there are errors that occur here and my textarea does not get updated. However, if I hardcode plain simple text to be returned in the JSON object, then my textarea is updated.

Is there a condition for which data in the JSON object should not have HTML tags?


As suggested, I changed my code to following in PHP code:

$arr = array ('content'=>$rest1,'bigimages'=>$row3['catalogFileID']);
echo json_encode($arr);

However now in my jQuery code:

length of j is 'undefined' ...

    jQuery.getJSON("/admin/selection_about.php",{id: jQuery(this).val(), 
                   ajax: isAjax}, function(j)
       alert('here3: ' + j.length); // this shows undefined

       for (var i = 0; i < j.length; i++) 
          document.getElementById('content1').value = j[i].content;
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Put your content into a PHP array. Then convert it to JSON using json_encode().
That will safely encode and escape the characters, for example double quotes in your HTML attribute.


The reason why j.length does not work is because:
An PHP array with keys are not Javascript arrays. Javascript arrays have no keys. Thus when converted, the PHP array is converted into a JS object.

Instead to access your JS object, you can use j.content, instead of looping through the object with j.length. j.length is undefined because there is no property in the object j with the property name length (that is because in your PHP array, there is no $arr['length'])

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doing that makes my code break. Before echoing back json_encode() I was accessing elements of json object as j.content but now that code is breaking. Should it be accessed some other way? as I noticed that data returned from json now is "content":"something" ...rather than content:"something" –  josh Sep 13 '09 at 2:40
it doens't break the code if it's written "content":"something", in javascript it is still valid. –  mauris Sep 13 '09 at 3:06

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