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My first time I'm using a stub and I have a controller that runs a method when the page is called. If that method returns empty I want a redirect back to the home page. Thus my controller looks like this

def jobs
  if scrap_cl().empty?
    redirect_to home_path
    flash[:error] = "Nothing found this month!"

For my test, I want to test the redirect when that method returns empty. So far I have this

context "jobs redirects to homepage when nothing returned from crawlers" do
  before do
    get :jobs

  it { should respond_with(:success) }
  it { should render_template(:home) }
  it { should set_the_flash.to("Nothing found this month!")}      


When I run rpsec I get the two errors, one on rendering the template and the other on flash. Thus, it's sending me to to the jobs page. What am I doing wrong with the stub and test?

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Your stub there is going to stub out a class method called scrap_cl, which will never be called. You want the instance method. You can get to this easily with RSpec's any_instance:


This will cause all instances of PagesController to stub that method, which is what you actually want here.

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Thanks. I get it now. – jason328 Jan 5 '13 at 0:16

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