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Is there any way whereby given a WebSocketConnection instance I can extract the IP/port of the client it represents? I know that the implementation (namely _WebSocketConnectionBase) has a Socket as a private variable, but I cannot hack it. Is there any workaround?

The environment in which I need this functionality is this: I have a server that handles web socket connections, and I would like to store the IP of the client alongside their web socket. I instantiate my server like so:

var server = new HttpServer();
var wsHandler = new WebSocketHandler();

wsHandler.onOpen = this.subscribeUser;
server.addRequestHandler((req) => req.path == "/ws", wsHandler.onRequest);
subscribeUser(WebSocketConnection user){...}

Is it possible to hack in this functionality somewhere in this code maybe? Thank you very much in advance!

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If the socket variable is private and you have no other way to access it (and need to), I would consider filing a bug. But I'm not sure there isn't another way to to get the information you want. – Shailen Tuli Jan 6 '13 at 0:00
Yes, please do file a bug. This should be possible without resorting to hacks. – Shannon -jj Behrens Jan 10 '13 at 3:18

You can try make an extended implementation of WebSocketHandler and get the request from here. An example:

class betterWebSocket implements WebSocketHandler {
  WebSocketHandler _wsHandler = new WebSocketHandler();

  void onRequest(HttpRequest request, HttpResponse response) {
    print(request.connectionInfo.remoteHost); // Print the IP of the remote to the screen
    _wsHandler.onRequest(request, response);

  void set onOpen(callback(WebSocketConnection connection)) {
    _wsHandler.onOpen = callback;

You can use this class as an normal WebSocketHandler:

void main() {
  HttpServer server = new HttpServer();
  betterWebSocket wsHandler = new betterWebSocket();

  server.addRequestHandler((req) => req.path == "/", wsHandler.onRequest);

  wsHandler.onOpen = (WebSocketConnection conn) {
    print("New connection");

    conn.onMessage = (message) {
      print("message is $message");

    conn.onClosed = (int status, String reason) {
      print('closed with $status for $reason');

  server.listen('', 20024);
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