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I'm trying to use the libclang API to programmatically analyze a C++ project. I have clang compiling fine, and my tool is properly parsing the generated AST, but I can't figure out how to turn on/off specific warnings.

here is the relevant code snippet, I would like to enable/disable the "unused variable" warning:

        clang::DiagnosticOptions mDiagnosticOptions;
        mDiagnosticOptions.ShowOptionNames      = 1; // prints warning, ie [-Wextra-tokens]
        mDiagnosticOptions.Warnings.push_back("unused-variable"); // <----- DOESN'T WORK

        // use mDiagnosticOptions further down for compile steps etc.
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Your code snippet is not part of the libclang API (clang-c/Index.h). If you're using libclang, then you obtain a translation unit by a call to

CXTranslationUnit clang_parseTranslationUnit(
        CXIndex CIdx,
        const char *source_filename,
        const char * const *command_line_args,
        int num_command_line_args,
        struct CXUnsavedFile *unsaved_files,
        unsigned num_unsaved_files,
        unsigned options);

You can disable warnings via the command_line_args argument, e.g.,

const char* const command_line_args[] = { "-Wall", "-Wno-unused-variable" };
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