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I'm trying to create a custom visual studio extension. It involves a toolbar, with a combo element, which I want to populate programatically.

I made the toolbar and combo box in the vsct, but I'm not sure how to get a reference to it in the code and add items to it.

I have this, where do I go from here?

CommandID commandId = new CommandID(GuidList.guidExtensionCmdSet, (int) PkgCmdIDList.cmdMyDropdown);
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Assuming that cmdMyDropdown is the commandId for your dropdown, you then need to create an OleMenuCommand and add it to the OleMenyCommandService.

OleMenuCommandService mcs = GetService(typeof(IMenuCommandService)) as OleMenuCommandService;
CommandID commandId = new CommandID(GuidList.guidExtensionCmdSet, (int) PkgCmdIDList.cmdMyDropdown);
OleMenuCommand menuMyDynamicComboCommand = new OleMenuCommand(new EventHandler(OnMenuWorkorderDropdown), commandId);

In your event, you then have to use

Marshal.GetNativeVariantForObject(String[] yourValues, OleMenuCmdEventArgs.OutValue);

OutValue is the dropdown reference that gets passed.

Read more here: http://dotneteers.net/blogs/divedeeper/archive/2008/07/14/LearnVSXNowPart25.aspx

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