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So I thought upgrading Qt and Qt Creator was a good idea since I used an older version of both.

I re-installed everything as I should and realized that Qt 5 is only for VS2010 for Windows which I have never worked with since I have been sticking with minGW up to this point,

I then realized my problems that my project wouldn't compile and run so I tried to download the 4.8.4 version with minGW, but that complained that:

"The installer could not find a valid c:\MinGW32\include\w32api.h
(Only versions with W32API3.13 are supported)" 

and further I did not get creator when I installed it either.

Any help that would either let me go back to 4.8.8 minGW or a simple straight forward way using Qt creator with VS2010 would be appreciated, thanks.

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I think I solved parts of my own issue (at least enough to answer this problem).

1: Download and install latest minGW installer and add ';C:\MinGW\bin' to the system variable 'path'.

2: Download the Qt 4.8.4 and install it (Does not come with Qt Creator) and add'C:\Qt\4.8.4\bin' to the system variable 'path'.

3: Download the latest Qt Creator, launch it and go: tools -> options -> build & run From there choose the correct Qt version by pointing to the Qmake in the Bin folder (C:\Qt\4.8.4\bin in this case) Also make sure it auto detects minGW compiler, if it does not show up I am not sure what to do.

4: If you are including a project from other Qt versions you might have to delete the users.pro file (not the .pro file) to get it to compile properly.

Last issue is that I do not have any debugger, but the program compiles in the /release folder (if you put CONFIG += release in the pro file) and I can run it by using the .exe.

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Using MSVS 2010 as the compiler isn't too hard.

Download Visual Studio Express 2010.

Install it, and now you have MSVS 2010 compiler available.

The compiler should be located under C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\VC\bin or somewhere similar at cl.exe.

Setting up the latest version of Qt built against MSVC 2010, with the latest Qt Creator isn't too bad, either. In Tools > Options > Build and Run > Kits, find your Qt qmake installation, and in Tools > Options > Build and Run > Compiler, find your compiler.

Now you can use the amazing Qt 5 instead of sticking in the past with 4.8 (even though Qt 4.8 is awesome and works really well, too).

Hope that helps.

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