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Is there any way to configure Yeoman (latest version: v0.9.6) to serve php files?

I found this but couldn't get it working.

Installed, and made the required updates to Yeoman as shown here:

All i got is the browser downloading each php file instead of rendering it.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Yeoman 1.0 has been launched. I haven't tried using php with it yet but would still like to know if it is possible.

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I just wrote a blog post on Using Yeoman 1.0beta3 with PHP. It seems is not updated for yeoman 1.0.

My code is available on Github. You can look into the git commit for the whole set of changes required for serving php files.

Currently I updated only for connect/livereload tasks. I am working on updating it for build, usemin and other tasks.


It seems there is an easy workaround with grunt-php.
I haven't used it, but will update once I used it.


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I might be wrong but your problem seems more a webserver issue. You have to make sure that the webserver processes the files instead of serving them. If your are using a vhost to map your server this can be a nice read. Please tell me if this is your problem.

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I tried using the "yeoman server" – Andrei Rosca Mar 21 '13 at 15:12

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