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I am instantiating an object with following code

public Object ball;

Instantiate(ball, hit.point , Quaternion.identity) ;

Where hit.point is a position and ball is a prefab I created, but unfortunately this prefab has a Position animation - jumping ball - and because of that as it animates it stays in animation's position. I can't even Translate it.

How can I move it or change animation somehow ?

enter image description here

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There is more than one way to solve this problem, depending on your other goals/constraints if any.

One simple approach is to separate this problem into two spaces, via the introduction of an empty parent node.

If you construct..

[Empty Parent Node]  (created dynamically)
 |- [Ball]           (created from your prefab)

..then you can still apply the animation to [Ball], now within a "local space" defined by [Empty Parent Node]. Further, you can now specify an arbitrary position for the parent node, which acts to place the ball overall.

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Another possible solution is to change your animation from a position animation to a localPosition animation. Then, you'll be able to change its Transform.position attribute with scripts.

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