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I am using Mechanical Turk's Command Line Tools interface to create a set of HITs. I would like to require that people accepting my HITs have an approval rate of at 95% or better with at least 1,000 HITs completed already. I believe I need to create a qualification type then somehow add it to my HIT properties file (see these excellent slides), but I was unable to find an example of precisely how to specify it. How can I use Command Line Tools to specify such a requirement?

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Nope, that's not true.

Using the command line tools, you just put this information in your HIT type .properties file, like this:

#Approval number system qualification
#Approval percentage system qualification

When you do loadHITs using this .properties file as the argument for -properties, these will be the required qualifications.

Creating qualification types is only for your HITs with custom qualifications.

Shameless plug, but the command line tools are quite old and difficult to deal with. You might have more success using one of the API's, like the Python mTurk API I wrote.

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