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For a University assignment I have to build a shopping website which will allow users to add products to a shopping cart and then checkout. This has to be done with MVC and CAN NOT use a framework! The last few days I have been reading everything on here and other websites and I am in need of help.

Having watched this video over and over I think I have found something to base my site on. I still don't fully understand the best way to design the MVC so here are the questions:

I want to be able to call the database into the functions that need to access it for example

function createTable extends Database {

First of all is this the best way to do it? Or would it be better to use something like a Singleton design pattern? I don't think I need to use data mappers as the site is only simple and just needs to show a basic understanding of how a MVC works. I am using PDO to connect to the database.

Am I correct in suggesting that to do this all I need to do is create a model with the database connection so for example

 class DatabaseConnect {
 protected $dbh; 

 function __construct () {
 $dbh = new PDO //Add the connection string

 function __destruct () {
 $dbh = null;

I can then use this database model and call it into any model or controller that needs it? So when if I have a controller which handles the queries I can then just call this class with extends queryExample entends DatabaseConnect Or will I need to create a new instance of it so the __construct will run?

With regards to a design pattern we have been show the Singleton pattern but I have read about this being an anti pattern? If so for a simple MVC website such as this what should I be using? SOLID?

I am most confused about calling the views. In the example tinyMvc (link above) in the controller.php he just simply calls the one view and hard codes this in. Using this style how would I go about doing this for more pages? Would you find the page title for each different view then display and call a different view/model for different pages depending on the page title? Having played about in ROR for a small time I have a small understanding of Routes, is there something similar to this in php? should the index.php file contain the routes for the views and controllers?

I have seen $this used quite often in php, what is the background to this? Is it the instance of some file? If someone could post a link to a good source about this it would be helpful.

In the example above he uses a file to requie all the files and bring them all together so they are sharing variables and method.


require 'load.php';
require 'model.php';

require 'controller.php';
new Controller(); 

Why has he created a new instance of the controller class?

What I am after (And I think this will benefit others who are starting out with MVC) is a guide on how to set up the files, how to set up the structure so the views connect with the correct controllers and so on. The reason I am asking on here is just googling the information gives you plenty of bad sources and incorrect ways of doing things.

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Going to Nettuts for tutorials in architecture is the worst possible thing you could do. Also in OOP the extends keyword translate to "is a". When you write class Pine extends Tree it means that every instance of Pine is a Tree ... which is why class User extends Table would be somewhat insulting. –  tereško Jan 5 '13 at 1:26
The author of tutorial uses the line new Controller() to execute __construct() method. This approach is actually an extremely bad practice. –  tereško Jan 5 '13 at 1:28
@tereško Is there any resource to show me good practices and help me with the questions asked? I have been viewing a lot of your answers other the last few days and you really seem to know your stuff. –  joshuahornby10 Jan 5 '13 at 1:29
How fast can you read PoEAA and the original definition of the pattern? The materials that you can find in blogs/sites usually will contain a grain of good idea and a lot of crap. I guess, if pressed for time, you can begin with UI Architectures article. That should provide you with some understanding of basics. –  tereško Jan 5 '13 at 1:35
Since it's 4am here, i will you link you to an older post: stackoverflow.com/a/12739161/727208 .. this should cover the basics of dealing with DB connection in the model layer. And you should modify your question/post. In current form it will most likely be closed as "too localized" or "non constructive" till morning. –  tereško Jan 5 '13 at 1:49