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As of 2013, is Android smart enough to not draw underlying backgrounds if a view is totally opaque? If so, how do you tell it that a view will always be opaque (in code, not in XML)? I have a ListView with an opaque background I want to make smoother.

@RomainGuy has an old 2009 post that says it doesn't, however he said he planned on adding in the feature. Did he?

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Not 100% sure, but here are my 2c:

Lint still complains about redundant backgrounds. That is, it complains if you have a FrameLayout entirely filled by a ListView and set a background color on both. That suggests to me that nothing is being optimized away.

Also, I've done no real testing and this is completely anecdotal, but I "feel" like I saw a performance improvement when removing the bg color from the FrameLayout on a Fire HD (4.0.3).

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The Kindle Fire HD uses a modified version of Android. It might not behave the same way –  Warpspace Jan 5 '13 at 15:18

OK, I finally found @RomainGuy's blog. While I couldn't find an exact answer there, it was covered in one article. He talked about overdraw and, although didn't explicitly say it, implied that there was little if any optimisation going on.

From the article, it seems clear eliminating overlapping drawing can be a huge performance boost. There is even a tool in the SDK to check how much such overdraw is happening.

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